Sweetest Things 2007: Sound Effects

It’s day two of the Sweetest Things and being one step closer to finding out your favorites of 2007 is music to our ears.

Today, vote for the year’s best sound bite, be it a tune, some stellar advice, or a life lesson.

And the nominees are…


Jenna Phillips Jenna Phillips
Mission Possible

She says jump, you say how high. Over and over again. A personal trainer known for supplying giant doses of you-can-do-it, Phillips makes every workout worth it.
Tara Kolla Tara Kolla
Silver Lake Farms

Kolla offers sage advice. Literally. Gardening classes at her half-acre farm on the east side have turned many a black thumb green (or at least a deep shade of olive).
Lisa Garvey Lisa Garvey
Life Made Simple

As your friendly neighborhood virtual assistant, Garvey’s conquered piles, demessed disastrous days, and helped find whatever it was you were looking for. All you had to do was listen.
Vote for Sound in Los Angeles.
Winners will be announced February 1, 2008