Garden Party

They say the grass is always greener on the other side.

Especially when the only soddy situation on your side happens to be the AstroTurf welcome mat at your door. (Nice daisy.)

Food Map Design is out to change all that. The new modern gardening product company has debuted the Container, a box on wheels that lets you grow greenery wherever you’d like and relocate it seasonally or as you see fit.

Designed with edible gardens in mind, it’s nontoxic; made of postindustrial, reused materials; and totally recyclable. And it couldn’t be easier to set up: The minimalist planter attaches to its sleek, four-caster frame in just a twist of the wrist. Now you’re ready to toss a layer of gravel over the curvilinear drainage system, top with two bags of organic soil, and add seeds or sprouted plants.

The other side’s greener alright.

Greener with envy.

Available online at foodmapdesign.com.