Little Miss No Sunshine

Melanin? With that pasty pallor, it’s more like melanout.

A session at Sunlounge tanning studio is in order.

Shuffle into the laid-back, bamboo-walled, concrete-floored spot and slide into a deluxe bed tricked out with an iPod dock, adjustable settings, and high-pressure UVA rays that feel like genuine sunlight. Or opt for a standard unit and still get perks like heavy duty ventilation, easy-access control panels, and five music channels within reach. Their spray tan’s the only pH-balanced, moisturizing, UV-free system around.

And besides utilizing sustainable building materials, instituting a drink bottle redemption program, and stocking organic beauty products with 100 percent post-consumer recycled packaging, the studio runs on between 15 and 40 percent solar power (oh, the irony).

Suddenly, the others pale in comparison.

Sunlounge, 3270 Cahuenga Boulevard West, between Barham and Universal Studios Boulevards (323-876-0200 or sunloungestudios.com).