The Old One Two Switcheroo

Here’s a fair trade agreement: Commuto.com, a new site for swapping trash for treasure.

It’s free to sign up. Once you do, join different communities based on your interests and area (staying relatively local means you can meet up to exchange and skip shipping costs in the process).

Then it’s time to make a deal. Upload goods you want to see go (good-bye, dusty Nip/Tuck DVD; so long, flat iron under the bathroom sink) and dream up a list of items you’d like to claim (fingers crossed for a shiny ten-speed or vintage National Geographics).

The system will notify you of person-to-person and three-way matches, as well as one-sided finds in case you happen to have something someone’s after even though they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for or vice versa.

Whether one cashmere sweater for a cracked World’s Greatest mug jibes is up to you.

But no backsies.

Available online at commuto.com.