Numbers Game

There are no numbers you cannot crunch.

2 + 2? 4.

2 x 2? Aha. Still 4.

The root of 671?

Pencils down, mathemagician. It’s Des Kohan.

671 is a collection of limited-edition, individually numbered accessories by well-known designers from all over the world, and Kohan’s keeping the creatives’ identities secret so they are free to experiment.

First to arrive in-store: the Bow Collection. The clutch, available in black silk duchess satin or beige or mauve Italian leather, zips open for your credit card, lipgloss, and keys and can be held all night or looped into a belt (no one will ever guess it doubles as a fanny pack). The day bag in plum or black woven fabric was specially conceived to look equally good when carrying just the basics or stuffed with supplies for a weekend away.

So calculate your next move.

And don’t forget to add tax.

Available at Des Kohan, 671 Cloverdale Avenue, between Wilshire Boulevard and Sixth Street, Miracle Mile (323-857-0200 or

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671 S Cloverdale Ave
bt Wilshire Blvd & W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90036