Scrap Happy

Extra! Extra!

ReDiscover wants your surplus materials. Housed in a sunny warehouse behind Smart Space in Culver City, the nonprofit community resource center recycles your old stuff into educational tools for kids.

During two-hour field trips, elementary schoolers learn about resource conservation and community stewardship by transforming found items into art. The center also organizes a three-session artist residency program for second through fourth graders, teaching them about environmental sustainability through dialogue and group projects. Oh, and their arts and crafts parties make fun birthdays, too.

Businesses can donate a slew of used items in good condition from paper and rubber bands to fabrics and last season’s retail displays. Call first to see about bringing in personal materials.

You can also pitch in on clean-up days or volunteer your special skills (artsy, admin, or otherwise) a couple of days a week.

And go the extra mile.

ReDiscover, 12958 Washington Boulevard, between Lyceum Avenue and Alla Road, Culver City (310-393-3636 or rediscovercenter.org).