Food & Drink

A Square Meal

Mighty is geometry; joined with art, resistless.

Our old buddy Euripides had clearly just received a Sweet Square delivery when he uttered those words.

The dessert bars, made right here in Los Angeles, are reminiscent of your granny’s home-baked creations, but with a twist or two. Sure, there are old-school lemon bars and blondies, but it was the original combos — peanut butter-and-jelly bars, s’mores bars, and oatmeal fruit squares — that really drew raves at a recent tasting.

Order a selection for your next event, send them as a gift, or get them delivered (for free to many L.A. locations). But be prepared to order early and often, because they’re sure to eclipse those Chips Ahoys as your dessert of choice.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Available online at sweetsquare.net.