Make Some Noise

The only instrument you play is the triangle. And seeing as the last time you performed was your kindergarten graduation, we’re not even sure if it counts.

Here’s where Tiny Creatures Music School chimes in. Run from the record label headquarters by music director Janet Kim, it’s designed for adults who have always wanted to play but never got a chance.

Sign up for one-on-one sessions now or enroll in the six-week group courses starting soon. During the weekly two- to three-hour meetings, you’ll learn how to play the piano and read music, as well as basic theory, composition, and improvisation.

The recital at the end of each class will give you a chance to show off your newfound talents.

It’s just the ding you need.

Tiny Creatures Music School, 628 North Alvarado Street, between Kent Street and Bellevue Avenue, Echo Park (323-712-2080 or