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Cake Walk the Line

Welcome back to the DC Ucaneathis Challenge. Colonel Nibby, the beautiful chocolate slab, gave an impressive performance in the ring but will it be enough to take best in show?

Or will it be a newcomer from handler/baker Deanna Moody of Dee’s Bakery and Donuts?

Could it be Donut, who earned high marks for a golden brown exterior, ideal puffiness/moistness ratio, and decadent toppings like chocolate glaze and coconut flake?

Or Cinnamon Roll? There’s no questioning its excellence in the important categories of creamy icing, crispy outside, and gooey cinnamon center.

Then there’s the pair of cookies, Chocolate Chip and Frosted Lemon. Large, yes, but they won’t lose points for that or the fact that they — along with the rest of the group — are vegan.

Tough to call a winner here.

You be the judge.

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