The Shape of Things to Come

Captain’s Log
Stardate 200913.1

After a thorough investigation of the FBE Spa star system, we have returned to standard orbit.

The crew cannot stop talking about how good I look.

Starfleet’s medical examiner suspects that it was the EOS 6600, a whole body vibration machine that delivers all the benefits of an hour workout in ten minutes (according to the Russian space program, anyway), and the detoxifying jade stone-lined infrared sauna pods that caused the jump in my overall health and hotness.

A full-scale inquiry has been launched into FBE’s other holistic-tech training modalities, including the body composition analyzer; full-body air therapy compression suit; stress-reducing Quantum Biofeedback; multiple styles of therapeutic massage; and ultra-hydrating, free radical-battling, pH-balancing, ionized alkaline drinking water.

Whatever the explanation, it’s out of this world.

FBE Spa, 5858 Wilshire Boulevard, between South Stanley and South Spaulding Avenues, suite 200, Mid-Wilshire (323-936-3737 or

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