Lu’s Yourself in the Moment

Statement of the problem: Subject lacks enthusiasm and repeatedly makes ho-hum sounds when entering her closet; unable to dress self.

Hypothesis: A fresh injection of the newly available Isabel Lu should alleviate the issue(s).

Materials: Various feminine silhouettes including but not limited to brushed silk tops and tunics, tailored linen trenches, tuxedo shirt and safari dresses, easy drapey dresses. Local R&D sister team Jane Moon and Sophia Kim provided approximately 200 pieces; some beading and embroidery may apply.

Procedure: Repeated exposure to the debut collection.

Results: Subject displayed slightly manic tendencies when tearing though the wardrobe; won’t stop shrieking with excitement. We were unable to pry the jumpsuit away from her.

Conclusion: Pretty darn impressive.

Available at Satine, 8117 West Third Street, between Kilkea Drive and Crescent Heights Boulevard (323-655-2142 or
satineboutique.com); Decatur, 12307 Ventura Boulevard, between Laurel Grove and Rhodes Avenues, Studio City (818-762-7621‎).

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