Drill, Maybe Drill

All your friends know, if they have a question about a tool, you have the answer: dump him.

It’s how to work the freaking spindle lock on a circular saw that’s got you stumped.

Pick up the drill bits and pieces during Power Tool Empowerment for Women. Led by local furniture designer and artist Tanya Aguiñiga, the hands-on class will show you what’s what in the workshop so you can put drills, trimmers, grinders, routers, and more machinery safely to good use.

But if biscuit joiners and finishing sanders don’t get your chainsaw motor running, this course is only one part of the new Home Ec arts and crafts series at ReForm School: Sewing, terrarium, shadowbox, and vintage charm bracelet how-tos are coming down the pike.

Just be prepared for constructive criticism.

Available at ReForm School, 3902 Sunset Boulevard, between Hyperion and Sanborn Avenues, Silver Lake (323-906-8660 or
reformschoolrules.com). Class size is limited; call to reserve your spot or e-mail reformschoolhomeec@gmail.com.

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3902 W Sunset Blvd
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Los Angeles, CA 90029