Surf’s Up

If Bro A is traveling from Winkipop with two biscuits, one pair of stubbies, and a Band-Aid at 45 miles an hour, and Bro B is waiting for him at Kirra with a single fin and a bag of weed, how long does Bro B have to wait until he can get radical?

Dude, Bro B doesn’t have to wait at all. Broslist.com is here.

A new classifieds market for the surf/skate/snowboard set, the beta site allows shredders from all over the world to buy, sell, and trade gear (thrusters, goggles, decks); offer services (repairs, lessons, massages); and get situated (rentals, swaps, timeshares).

It’s also a safe space for bros to bro out: Users create Brofiles, then connect with old fellas or meet new ones; share stories, photos, and videos; or drop in on discussion forums tackling important issues like spots, kooks, fights, and sharks.

And don’t be bummed if you’re not a bro. Chicks are welcome.


Available online at broslist.com.