Odor in the Court

Cafe au ashtray. Spearmint forest Cuban. Jasmine rain cigarette break.

Spray as you might, covering up post-smoke smells with a dash of mountain breeze or splash of morning rosebud just ends up making things worse.

No whiffs, ands, or buts about it: It’s time for Inodorous, a new spritz that doesn’t attempt to camouflage its target with another fragrance but neutralizes it completely.

Free from harsh chemicals and trouble-making toxins, the scentless solution was originally developed using green technology to simply and effectively remove bacteria. After realizing just how eco- and people-friendly it actually was, Biosphere Innovations poured the formula into sleek vials to be easily concealed in a pocket or purse.

With a pump or two, erase any trace of your lunch date with the Marlboro man or make eau de last night’s debauchery disappear.

After all, nothing stinks more than getting busted.

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