Food & Drink

Legend of the Hidden Temple

Summer’s a-coming
Tinsel views and drinks await
Pagoda Bar, yo

Say what, o venerable haiku? Is this the al fresco watering hole nestled just below fabled Yamashiro that you speak of? It’s reopening tonight.

Perched high on a hill overlooking Hollywood Boulevard, the newly renovated nook’s lush garden is set for quiet reflection but provides the perfect backdrop for imbibing with snacks.

Edamame and a smattering of sushi rolls tempt while thirsty souls are beckoned with signature cocktails as juicy as the restaurant’s history (since 1911 it’s been an estate, a private club, an apartment building, and a brothel). The Bernheimer basil-jito strawberry/basil/vodka concoction’s named after the original German Japanophile owners; Norman’s mai tai is a direct descent of the secret recipe guarded by the barkeep who poured it during Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Can’t wait?

It’s always five-seven-five somewhere.

Pagoda Bar, 1999 North Sycamore Avenue, off Franklin Avenue, Hollywood (323-466-5125 or