A Real Pix-Me-Up

Whatchu looking at, yo?

(Oh! No, she didn’t.)

You got some kinda staring problem or something?

(Oh! Nuh-uh, girl.)

It’s Oh! Snap Studios. Its dope custom photo booths will make you do a double take.

By day, members of the artsy collective build stages for TV and commercials and snap flashy images for toy companies. By night, they put their talents and imaginations to good use creating multidimensional sets for your special events.

Edwardian ball, Grandma’s house, or tiki hut — they’ll work with any theme. And no matter what the budget, the team arrives with props, hooks up dramatic lighting, and directs each shot to ensure every one is a keeper. Plus, they print on location or let you download images from their website post-party.

So there’s no need for your typical happy/sad/scared/kissy face photo booth rigmarole.

Let them take your picture.

It’ll last longer.

Oh! Snap Studios (