Food & Drink

Girl, I'll Haus You

On this episode of Coolhaus …

Things go crazy in the kitchen when bad boy Uncle Frank Behry (sugar cookies with strawberry) tries to prove his domestic skills by making homemade ice cream and cookie sandwiches but is busted when nosy little Mies Vanilla Rohe (chocolate chip cookie and vanilla) sees him buying them off the back of a truck (run by guest stars Natasha Case and Freya Estreller from Farchitecture). “How rude!”

Meanwhile, adorable Mintimalism (chocolate cookies and mint chip) has gotten into the wrapping paper again. Oh, no! Neat freak/father Richard Meyer Lemon (ginger snaps with lemon) flips until he realizes it’s the new customizable, edible kind that goofy Oatmeal Cinnamoneo (oatmeal cookies with cinnamon) has been using for private gigs and live shows. “You’re in big trouble, mister.”

Cut. it. out.

Available by special order (310-993-2724 or natasha@eatcoolhaus.com). For more information, go to eatcoolhaus.com. To track down the treats truck, follow it at twitter.com/coolhaus.