Superpower to the People

kriss soonik lingerie!
Photos: Courtesy of Kriss Soonik Lingerie

No matter how many tequilas you suck down, you’ve never been able to emerge in a bustier and garter belt, whip in hand, ready to get. it. on.

Ditch the slutbag schtick and unleash the real you in Kriss Soonik lingerie. Inspired by female Japanese superheros, the girly but sexy underthings flaunt your assets in a demure way that’s sure to get your (and his) mojo rising.

The current collection is handmade out of cottons, satins, and silks in grays, peaches, and pinks. A drop-waist nightdress is chic enough to wear out of the house (not alone, please). The frilly-meets-futuristic bra and panties set will let loose the Barbarella that’s been suppressed way deep inside. And a dressing gown with delicate lace puff sleeves is perfect for morning lounging.

Finally, you’ll actually mean it when you say, “I’m going to slip into something more comfortable.”

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