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Yo, Home Slice

Album: Mozza 2 Go
Artist: Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali
Label: Blue Apron/Orange Crocs

Mozza 2Go, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Silverton and Batali’s chart toppers Pizzeria and Osteria Mozza, is dropping today.

Excited fans across the city — especially those in the delivery zone — are already drawing comparisons to the legendary overture “Grocery Store (Circa 19th Century Milan).”

Appearing along with the duo’s greatest hits “Hey, Anybody Order a Pizza,” “Red, Red Joe Bastianich Wine” and “Cookies, Italian Style,” are soon-to-be cult classics like “Take These Salads and Freshly Made Sandwiches and Run,” “Got the Whole Mozzarella Bar in My Hands,” “Come On, Baby, Light My Two Ovens’ Fires,” and the remix “Holy S**t, This Crust Is Crispy.”

Listeners will go wild for previously unreleased tracks from The Kitchen including “Fennel Pollen Is for Sausages,” “Pass the Pesto,” catchy “You Say Saba, I Say Pear Mostarda,” and “Honey, Truffle Salt, and Olive Oils, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”

You’ll definitely keep this one on repeat.

Mozza 2 Go, 6610 Melrose Avenue, between North Highland and North Citrus Avenues, Hollywood (323-297-1130).

641 N Highland Ave
@ Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
6610 Melrose Ave
bt Highland & Citrus Aves
Los Angeles, CA 90038