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Honey Baby Sweet E's

Cupcakes? You’ve had your fill of cutesy, sugary frosting piled high on adorable handheld cakes.

Okay, just one more bite.

Besides, that’s all you’ll get out of the baked goods delivered by Sweet E’s mini bake shop.

Tucked neatly by the two dozen in a travel-safe white box, the tiny treats can’t help but tempt you with their telling toppings: Chocolate-iced, cookie dough-stuffed vanilla cake gets more cookie dough as a finishing touch; dime-size Oreos crown cookies-and-cream-coated chocolate cake; and single squares of Hershey’s bar stick out of the graham-cracker-dusted s’more. (Standbys like red velvet and molten chocolate don’t look too shabby either.)

And then there’s this Peanut Butter Blizzard business, all chunky with PB, white chocolate fudge, marshmallows, rice crispies, and chocolate chips.

Fine, two more bites and that’s it.

Available by phone order (323-422-8885) or e-mail erica@sweetesbakeshop.com. To see flavors, go to sweetesbakeshop.com.