The Rainbow Connection

steven shein jewelry!

Dear Mr. Secretary,

I, Roy G Biv, hereby resign. Contrary to reports, my decision has nothing to do with the ongoing Outside the Lines scandal (it’s a real gray area); however, it has everything to do with Steven Shein. The L.A.-based artist commands color like I’ve never seen.

First, stacks of Plexiglas in a super-charged rainbow hit with neons, neutrals, and sparkly glitter are taking the form of bangles, buttons, rings, and pendants capturing pop culture text and symbols. They’re liable to brighten any grump’s day.

If that weren’t enough, his chromatic disposition has begun to infiltrate homes in the form of furniture — particularly the side table: Ever-evolving flat-pack pieces feature Technicolor geometric patterns or circles of dried flowers between sheets of clear Plexi; chevron-shaped plywood (which doubles as seating and triples as modular sculpture) gets hand-painted striped tops.

Hue does this guy think he is anyway?

Available at TenOverSix, 7427 Beverly Boulevard, at North Vista Street (323-330-9355); online at
shopstevenshein.com. For more information, go to stevenshein.com.

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