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QB or Not QB, That Is the Question

When you said so long to Kitty Fuzzlebottoms and sent Brenna the Unicorn — er, sorry, Pegasus — packing, you thought you’d never make another imaginary friend.

Then you started following Esquival on Twitter.

You know he’s just a snack, right?

Okay, maybe not just a snack, but a QB, which is to say a good-looking hunk of ice cream inside a rice crispy treat shell. (Yes, we see the difference.)

Made with all-natural ingredients and kosher to boot, Esquival’s vanillaness will surely charm you. As will the rest of his frozen munchie QBFFs: Suzy Cube, a sweet but not too sweet strawberry-flavored number, and Dave, a classic chocolate kind of guy.

When they get together, it’s like a party in your freezer.

Just don’t get too attached; it won’t take them long to disappear.

Available at Whole Foods Markets. For store locations, go to
wholefoodsmarket.com. Follow at twitter.com/esquival, twitter.com/suzycube, and twitter.com/daveqb.