Shok and Awe

jasmin shokrian draft no. 17!

Draft No. 1: Well, hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Draft No. 4: You call that a draft?

Draft No. 11: Moving on to 12.

Draft No. 17: Aha! Now that’s the kind of Jasmin Shokrian debut diffusion line we’re talking about.

From notebooks stuffed with trial-and-error sketches conjured for her stylish lady friends’ whims comes the year-round wearalls from the darling of L.A.’s design scene.

Composed of 30 seasonless silhouettes, Shokrian’s standout range revolves around architectural variations on the basic slip dress — in cool silk to slinky jersey, muted to bold, with clever details (plunging backs, needle-thin straps, bubble hems) to set each apart.

Pair with the versatile tops, pants, and jumpsuits that follow suit or experiment with Shokrian’s signature line of budget-busting belts and blazers.

Hey, brilliance requires several takes.

Available at Creatures of Comfort, 7971 Melrose Avenue, between Edinburgh and Hayworth Avenues, West Hollywood (323-655-7855 or creaturesofcomfort.us). Trunk show and 15 percent off sale, Thursday, 6-9 p.m. To see styles, go to jasminshokrian.com.

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7971 Melrose Ave
bt Edinburgh & Hayworth Aves
Los Angeles, CA 90046