Spin Spin Sugar

Quick! Say the first thing that comes to mind:

Shave. Bumps.
Wax. Yowch.
Depilatory. Huh?
Sugar. Please.

Oh, you must be thinking of Studio Alexandria. Opening today in Brentwood, it’s the new hair removal expert in town.

Each session goes like so: Using a refined take on the age-old practice, technicians cleanse and powder the target area (bikini, underarms, legs, wherever), then massage a cool, all-natural sugar paste onto the skin. Once it has a moment to set, they gently tug in the direction of growth, painlessly taking all goop and hair — long, short, or really really short — with it.

The result? Skin that’s conditioned, not tortured (no irritation! no ingrowns!), and a smoothness that lasts as long (if not longer) than waxing.

If only you could be guilty by association.

Studio Alexandria LA, 11740 San Vicente Boulevard, between Gorham and Barrington Avenues, suite 105, Brentwood (310-492-5070 or

deals!Hey, smooth operator! Mention DailyCandy when booking your appointment before September 30 and receive 50 percent off your first treatment.

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11740 San Vicente Blvd
bt Gorham & Barrington Aves, ste 105
Los Angeles, CA 90049