Wassup Rockers?

mctega jewelry collection!

Searching for the ultimate new accessory is like being on a quest for hidden treasure: You’ll scour the deepest caverns for the perfect score.

No need for the spelunking headlamp. These new beauties from McTega will catch your eye in broad daylight.

From the design compound of Sarah McLellan and Kristina Ortega, the jewelry line consists of hand-molded necklaces and pins. Each collar, linked by copper, is made of polyresin, a sturdy plastic, so you can show off your new rocks without feeling the weight.

Gems abound from each of the collections: The jagged Spike necklace in deep indigo can be your very own dark crystal; strike gold with the Triptych; trip out on rainbow Chunk pieces; indulge your neck with the rock-candy-like Garland.

You dig?

Available online at mctega.com.