Dateline: Love

ramsey conder rings!
Photos: Courtesy of Ryan Conder

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Bride-to-Be Found Teetering on the Edge Heroically Rescued by Fall 2009 Wedding Guide. Loved Ones Across the Country Come Together. Groom-to-Be Breathes Sigh of Relief and Cracks a Cold One.

Young Couple Swept Up by Love Leaves Paper Trail for Family delapresse!and Friends
Personal accounts confirm that several months prior to The Big Day, the betrothed approached Delapresse for a paper trousseau spanning engagement announcements to post-nuptial stationery. When pressed for time, authorities consulted the new Fuzzynk predesigned signature collection, which was determined to be under the influence of the seasons.

daniela kurrle!Onlookers Floored as Lady Floats Down Aisle
Wedding dress psychic Daniela Kurrle (323-822-1628) struck again and was cited for steering another missus-to-be into the gown of her dreams that had yet to be dreamt of. Others accused in the caper include makeup artist Robin Black, who was found working her new cosmetics shop-in-shop Face at Warren-Tricomi (323-651-4545), as well as W.T. hair stylist Kristin Ess, who has been accused of executing inexplicably gorgeous extensions. When questioned, however, Ess had no comment.

albert hammond jr. suits!Man Shocked to Find Getting Dressed Not So Bad at All
Area man exhibiting strange signs and threatening nudity made a miraculous turnaround upon arrival of the new Albert Hammond Jr. for Confederacy suit collection. Groomsmen gathered round to show their support of the tailored pieces and to voice their appreciation for Hugh Simms preppy ties. A spokesman for the group would like to thank jewelry designer Ramsey Conder for his important role as ring leader.

hidden chateau & gardens! Private Affair Exposed: Countless Parties Involved
Jack Price Design floral artist Andre Jackson went on the offensive at the Hidden Chateau & Gardens. Lush, seasonally driven arrangements incorporating unexpected elements from fruit to found objects were discovered throughout the sprawling property. Those present were shocked to learn that they were still in West Hills but were comforted by the talented paper-cuts artist Jared Andrew Schorr and distracted by bottles of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Les Bulles d’Agathe scented bubbles.

cuppielove!Study Finds Reality Hard to Swallow; Canapes Not
A hungry mob of foodies and picky eaters swarmed Serves You Right Catering from all sides, feasting on the offerings from chef Michele Gan’s one-of-a-kind, market-fresh menu. Just when the hubbub died down, the crowd was once again whipped into a frenzy by charming CuppieLove cupcakes in flavors like Vanilla Loves Green Tea and Velvet Loves Choco. The darling toothpick-mounted flags and colorful candy toppers were impossible to protest.

erin hearts court photography!Dance Floor Erupts: None Injured; One Slightly Mortified
A man identified as Uncle Leo was overheard taking credit/blame for the raucous reception. However, most fingers were pointed at The Flashdance, the sought-after DJ. Looking for photographic evidence, many turned to Erin Hearts Court, whose snaps captured what went down in a real, honest way, while others look forward to reviewing the Hello Super 8 vintage-looking film.

the scarlet hotel!Couple Escapes! Who Can Blame Them?
Witnesses say newlyweds fled the scene at some ungodly hour. Sources close to the pair reveal they are thought to be headed to Design Hotel’s recently opened ecoluxe seaside digs, The Scarlet in Cornwall. Recommendations for Ayurvedic spa treatments and other tips are still coming in.

They are destined to make headlines.

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Photos: Courtesy of Ramsey Conder; Courtesy of Delapresse; Courtesy of Sharra Lebov; Eric Ray Davidson / Courtesy of Confederacy; Courtesy of Hidden Chateau & Gardens; Courtesy of CuppieLove; Courtesy of Erin Hearts Court; Courtesy of The Scarlet