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liebrary board game!
Photos: Courtesy of Liebrary

You never had anything to do with the infirmary, study hall, or counselor’s office.

It was always the Liebrary for you.

And now it’s for everyone else, just in board game form.

The bookish kit contains several stacks of cards, each with a book title, author, and plot summary. When it’s your turn, roll to determine the genre, pull a card, share the basics with the group, and copy down the correct answer while others try to concoct the most believable first line from the tome. To score points, players can guess the right answer (call me Ishmael, duh), have others guess theirs (Ishmael, call me, baby), or both.

It’s really quite simple, but to win, you’ll have to get creative.

And judging by your fifth-period gym attendance record, you have some experience with that.

Available at Barnes & Noble, 189 The Grove Drive, off Third Street, The Grove (323-525-0270 or bn.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Liebrary

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