Shoe's Line Is It Anyway?

beatrice valenzuela shoes!

In the running to take the title of best Ugg-ternative?

We think Beatrice Valenzuela is a shoe-in.

A hairstylist by day (Chris McMillan is among the names rumored to trek to her Echo Park studio when in need of a trim), Valenzuela turns out her capsule collection of easy-to-love (even easier to wear) kick-arounds by night.

There’s the moccasin bootie, our favorite cozy and cute-with-everything slip-ons; and the woven anklet, a bohemian lace-up. Question comfort? You’ll be pleased to know the basic sandal is incredibly similar to the Tarahumara Indians’ long-distance running shoes.

Each pair is handmade by a skilled, ecominded artisan friend back in Valenzuela’s hometown of Mexico City, who uses leftover rubber for the sturdy soles and durable remnant leathers that only get better with time.

It’s certainly no easy feet.

Available online at
beatricevalenzuela.com. For special orders, e-mail beatricevalenzuela@earthlink.net.

Photo: Courtesy of Beatrice Valenzuela