Have Some Heart

These gifts are sealed with a kiss.

assembly of text!
Play It Cool
Take note at Urbanic. Fawn (“My feelings for you are like …”) or frown (“Why should Valentine’s Day be canceled”) with The Regional Assembly of Text ($6; to order, call 310-401-0427).

vosges haut chocolate!
Sweeten the Deal
You know who’s playing for Team Cocoa. Anyone who isn’t? One rich, sweet, and salty bite of Vosges toffee caramel marshmallows ($13) will change their minds.

flour la flower arrangements!
Flor ’Em
Everyone can see your bloomers. It’s obvious why you wanted to show them off — the trad/rad arrangement ($50 and up) is from new fair trade-dealing Flour.

pratima love oil!
Warm It Up
Give up magic potions and lotions for Pratima Love oil ($21; to order, call 212-581-8136). An Ayurvedic mix of sugar, spice, and everything nice, it’s handmade to capture love’s essence.

sls hotel beverly hills!
Get a Room
Shack up at SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills ($429 and up). Spa, wine, and dine before you retire. Or, if you’re sweet on your suite, order in. Moving fast? Inquire after the Lamborghini.

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