Present Tense

It’s a last-minute presentation. You’ve got to cram it all in.

wish pendant!
Put a String on It
With a wish pendant ($30), you’ll always be the middleman between your pal and the blank of her dreams — provided it comes true. If not, hey, it’s still a pretty neat bracelet.
lily lodge flower club!
Rose to the Occasion
Try bud: Lily Lodge monthly deliveries ($1,300). Or bud light: Flower Club members ($350 and up) pick up a box of blooms and go back monthly, bimonthly, or seasonally for refills.
sakaya nyc sake club!Rice, Rice Wine
Sakaya has launched a sake club, so be good for goodness sake. Sign up for two, four, or six bottles a month (prices vary). Hand over an envelope of dry white rice as a sign of things to come.
what i didn’t get for christmas! Them’s the Breaks
No new car? No yacht? Empathize with What I Didn’t Get for Christmas ($10), a compilation of heartfelt tales from those who know how it feels to go without a new puppy.
acton treadway world record tote!
For the Record
You didn’t forget. You’re just getting the Acton Treadway World Record tote ($190) personalized. Stash an IOU inside any old album cover you find at the thrift store.

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