Caught Up in Stitches

ashley thayer modern quilts!
Photos: Michael Wells

Accusations of intense scheming, wild fabrications, and clandestine stitchery have been flying around.

Ashley Thayer is quilty as charged. One look at her beautiful coverlets is all the evidence you’ll need.

Breaking from traditional Amish and Mennonite technique and sensibility by using color, Thayer confesses to be often under the influence of modern and abstract art, the country and the ocean, the relationship of light and shadow, and Native American patterns.

Based in Cypress Park, the RISD grad dyes all of the 100 percent cotton and flannel that she pieces together, quilts, and binds by hand in her studio. Though there are always several finished works from which to choose, she takes requests, too. Depending on size and intricacy, orders take anywhere from two weeks to a few months to complete.

Until then, it’s best to blanket the issue.

Available at Keep Company, 523 North Fairfax Avenue, between Rosewood Avenue and Clinton Street, Fairfax District (323-655-1010 or
keepcompany.com). For special orders, e-mail thayer@ashleythayer.com. To see styles, go to ashleythayer.com.

Photo: Michael Wells

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523 N Fairfax Ave
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