The Knitty Gritty

wool and the gang!
Photos: Courtesy of New High Mart

Sniffing glue during nap time. Hoarding markers during class.

It was only a matter of time before you picked up a needle. And it’s no surprise Wool and the Gang is to blame.

At its new turf inside New High Mart, you’ll find knit kits at every skill level and mounds of Crazy Sexy Wool, Sugar Baby Alpaca, and Shiny Happy Cotton skeins stacked high.

Start with easy Nijin Love arm/leg warmers. Move up to intermediate Halona and Seattle Hoop scarves. Test your talent with the expert Mahal poncho.

Crafting ain’t your thing? Short Cuts cropped sweaters, Over My Shoulder shoulder pads, Etenia fringe bags, and Lula Hoop infinity scarves are a few of the completed pieces in the collection ready to walk out the door.

Either way, you’ll wind up hooked.

Available at New High Mart, 1720 North Vermont Avenue, between Prospect and Kingswell Avenue, Los Feliz (323-638-0271 or newhighmart.com); online at

Photo: Courtesy of New High Mart

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1720 N Vermont Ave
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