Naturally Gifted

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Photos: Courtesy of Goods

You know how the story goes.

When she was good (she nabbed brightly colored needle-felted pillows from Kyrgyzstan, grabbed stripey plastic totes made by a collective in Bolivia, and picked up Erin King Garden succulent arrangements), she was very, very Goods.

The new home store in Sunset Park makes it easy to be generous.

She noted homebodies would appreciate an assortment of multitasking Turkish bath towels and alpaca shawls in earthy hues. Dainty jewelry by Carole Zakkour upped her gift ante. For worldly bambini, hand-stitched booties and blankets, as well as EcoKid bath products from Australia, would work just right.

Along with sweet ornaments and Croatian chocolates, she eyed candy-colored guest soaps going for two bucks a pop.

When she was bad …

Well, we don’t have to worry about that now, do we?

Goods, 1748 Ocean Park Boulevard, between 17th and 18th Streets, Santa Monica (310-392-3922).

Photo: Courtesy of Goods

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1748 Ocean Park Blvd
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