One Day at a Time

The resolution will not be televised — but we did get our editors’ New Year’s musts in writing.

paper pastries custom stamp!

All in the Wrist
Editor-at-large Dannielle will handwrite a note of thanks for every kind gesture and stick it in the post. Paper Pastries’s custom stamp ($70) will save her a few strokes.

sesame letterpress rabbit coasters!
Shake, Rattle, and Roll
From here on out, senior editor Ashley is determined to be a nice bunny. We think she deserves darling Sesame Letterpress rabbit coasters ($15) just for trying.
the conversation series!
Make Some Chat Room
No texting at the dinner table for Chicago editor Emily. The Conversation Series ($16-$34) will give her lots to talk about. (Yoko Ono, Jeff Koons, and others due spring.)
costes 2 perfume!
Don’t Know Jacques
Erin, the editor of NYC, would like to brush up on her French, which is currently, ehm, how you say, mad rusty. We dangle the new Costes 2 fragrance ($135) as le carrot.
zingermans bread club!
All Rise
Exec editor Pavia swore off list-making, then started one when she vowed to make her own butter. We’ll save her from adding “buy bread” to her to-dos with Zingerman’s loaf-of-the-month ($55-$225).

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