An Addition to Your Bib-liography

las jewelry!

You’re familiar with the baby bib, Boston Bibb, even that actress Leslie Bibb.

Now get acquainted with LAS Jewelry bibs, the new local jewelry collection’s oversize, avant-garde necklaces.

Designed by husband-and-wife team Lisa and Dan Soltis, the handmade pieces are one of a kind and use recycled metals and mixed media (picture leather meets safety pins meets pearls meets rhinestones).

An edgy selection of nature-inspired pendant necklaces features crow skulls, rat skeletons, and vintage charms. For those who prefer a whisper — rather than a screech — of a statement, flowers, butterflies, and leaves dangle from the tangled metal chains, too.

But don’t toss that lobster bib just yet.

This particular variety won’t catch the drool it elicits.

Available at EM & Co., 7940 West Third Street, between South Edinburgh and South Fairfax Avenues (323-782-8155 or emandco.com); online at

Photo: Courtesy of LAS Jewelry

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