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urban cheese craft!
Photos: Courtesy of Urban Cheese Craft

Feeling feta-ed up with life? Think you’re all provolone in the world? Do you lie awake at night questioning if Gouda really even exists?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to stop living on the wedge.

Urban Cheesecraft can help. Its DIY kits will help you start kicking it to the curd.

Experiment with creamy mozzarella and ricotta, paneer and queso blanco, or fresh goat cheese. Each box comes with straightforward instructions and all the simple tools needed to make ten batches (fine cheesecloth, thermometer, cheese salt, and citric acid or rennet); all you must track down is the milk.

Don’t you want to have it your whey?

Available at Home Ec., 3815 West Sunset Boulevard, between Hyperion and Lucile Avenues, Silver Lake (323-906-8826 or homeecshop.com); online at urbancheesecraft.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Cheese Craft

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