Rare Medium, Well Done

jill willard!

That shooting star, a penny heads up, and all those green lights down Wilshire: You’ve seen the signs all right.

So follow them to Jill Willard, psychic and spiritual healer.

Here to help, Willard tunes into your aura (it’s full of spirits, karma, and facts about your life, we’re told) and clues you in on what’s to come. She won’t tell you exactly what to do but will lead you in the right direction by helping you tap into your intuition.

Go with questions and an open mind. She won’t be able to see what you did last night, unless you want her to (everyone puts up her own blockade).

Sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours over the phone, inside her Manhattan Beach office, or at the ocean nearby.

You know, wherever the spirit moves you.

Jill Willard (310-525-4564 or

Photo: Image Editor / Flickr