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Put One Fork in Front of the Other

six taste food tours!
Photos: Courtesy of Six Taste

Anpan. Kukicha. Mochilato. Tiradito. Sun bread.

Um, what the fork are they talking about?

Six Taste will spoon-feed you the answers.

Saturdays and Sundays, join the food tour company on a seven-stop traipse through Little Tokyo and get to know the nabe through its grub, from traditional Japanese pastries to offbeat Asian fusion bar snacks. Or eat your way around the Financial District in five stops, sampling ube milkshakes and sweet grilled cheeses. Customized routes for finicky, adventurous, and/or vegetarian types are available upon request.

Up next: excursions to Thaitown; San Gabriel Valley dim sum; sushi-making classes; and tea, beer, and sangria tastings.

You can cut the anticipation with a knife.

For schedule, tickets, and more information, go to sixtaste.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Six Taste