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Whoop There It Is

baking whoopie!

At times, we rack our brains for obscure references to The Newlywed Game and, at others, feel the need to conjure dreadlocked comedienne/actress/activists.

And then once in a while, all the work is done for us.

Like with Baking Whoopie, the company turning out a West Coast take on the East Coast cake-sandwich treat.

Fine by us. All the more time to stuff our faces with.

Available by the baker’s dozen (or the two dozen when ordering minis), signature combinations like peanut butter with salted caramel filling, banana with vanilla, and maple with cinnamon will catch your eye. But don’t shy away from chocolate and vanilla classics: High-quality ingredients such a Callebaut and Valrhona chocolate and Tahitian vanilla extract make all the difference.

We’ll let them speak for themselves.

Available online at

Photo: Wen Chang