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Natural Selection

diana sproveri designer baked goods!

The origin of the species began with cake. Then came the cupcake.

Now pastry chef Diana Sproveri offers a highly evolved specimen: the Lollibake. Four bites of dense cake dipped in rich chocolate and sprinkled with flair atop a pop, it’s commonly known as a cake ball on a stick.

Typically, the delicate dessert travels in large packs, but starting today, arrangements can be made for small-batch pickups (on Wednesdays, 11 a.m.-3 p.m., provided orders are placed by the night before).

Beneficial mutations like toffee crunch and chocolate peanut butter can be spotted alongside stickless variations such as The Buffalo (vanilla cupcake/hazelnut filling/chocolate frosting) and The Scot (dark chocolate cupcake/orange-vanilla frosting).

Quantities are extremely limited.

So get them before they’re extinct.

For more information, go to dianasproveri.com. sweets online!

Online cake and cookie orders go a long way. Just ask Mr. Postman.

Photo: Courtesy of Diana Sproveri