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red carpet cleanses!

You’re not afraid of a liquid diet (Cabo, spring break … we won’t go on).

But seeing as Advil isn’t a supplement (and slurring “Itsa clennnsh” ain’t cutting it at work), do your next round with Red Carpet Cleanses. It’s the organic, raw, vegan detox juice cleanse designed to jump-start your system and taste good, too.

Pick your days (one for skeptics, three for beginners, five to ten for those on a mission), and a cooler packed with the likes of Ace of Blades (an enzyme- and probiotic-heavy green powerhouse), Some-Tang (a blend inspired by the classic bev), and Rawkstar (an ode to the malted shake with mango, almond milk, and kale) will arrive nightly at your door.

If all juice, all the time sounds bananas, ease into it with a gourmet, five-day raw food diet. Launching in May, it will satisfy savory and sweet using mysterious ingredients in delish ways (meet lacuma, your new favorite Peruvian superfood).

It’s definitely worth a shot.

Available online at redcarpetcleanses.com. Enter code daily10 at checkout to receive 10 percent off any order through March 15.

Photo: Courtesy of Red Carpet Cleanses