Play On, Players

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; it’s how you serve the game.

interlocking playing cards!

Hit the Deck
Play a few hands of Crazy Eights or construct a modern house of cards? It’s dealer’s choice with these interlocking playing cards ($15).

chef cordelia popcorn!

Crunch Time
Get sweet and savory snacking accomplished with a bowl of Chef Cordelia gourmet caramel popcorn ($9) in flavors like bacon truffle and orange chipotle.
curiosity shoppe pencils!In the Lead
Keep score (or cheat during trivia lightning rounds) with Paper Pastries’s Know-It-All pencils ($10). It’s not like you forgot that the blue whale is the largest mammal.
eagle rock beer!Yes Whey
Forget about the 99 bottles of beer in your recycling bin. Get a five-gallon keg of Manifesto Wit Bier from Eagle Rock Brewery ($70 and up; to order, call 323-257-7866).
partners & spade trophies!And the Winner Is …
So what if you spent the evening misscoring canasta? Everyone can be a chess grandmaster or champion roper with customized Partners & Spade backdated confidence trophies ($75).

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