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fancystands porcelain analise hellmann!

Combining an eye for Limoges and a special flair for heavy-duty adhesives, artist Analise Hellmann created FancyStands, the coolest displayware we’ve seen in a long time. They’re assembled from stacks of vintage cups, plates, vessels, and other thrift store scores; organized by colorway, pattern, and motif; and loosely interpreted in themes like crazy granny or woodland fiend.

Delicately teetering at three, four, five stories or higher, they may not be the most practical or easily storable serving pieces, but we think they’re at their best when used exactly as intended: as a public display of confection.

Available at Spitfire Girl, 2203 Sunset Boulevard, at Mohawk Street, Echo Park (213-989-1977), $85-$145. For special orders, e-mail fancystands@gmail.com. To see styles, go to analisehellmann.com.

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2203 W Sunset Blvd
@ Mohawk St
Los Angeles, CA 90026