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boot camp h2o LA!

Contrary to popular belief (and the very notion of a swim-up bar) the words “pool” and “party” don’t always go together.

Boot Camp H2O certainly ain’t no disco — though the eight-week training regime of intensive swimming, water aerobics, water polo, cardio, and modified plyometrics does deliver results worth celebrating.

Each hour-long group class starts on dry land with rigorous core strengthening and stretching. It’s followed by 40 nonstop minutes of group swims and individual drills, like multiple laps freestyle and rapid power kicks while you clench the pool’s edge.

Resistance band work targets different muscle groups; medicine balls and foam weights increase lung capacity as you try to stay afloat. Fins are sometimes provided to aid with technique and stroke correction, but can be set aside when you are ready to build strength and endurance (you’ll miss them).

The supportive instructors make all of it fun and uncompetitive. So you might as well dive right in.

Boot Camp H2O is held at the Westside JCC, 5870 Olympic Boulevard, between South Stanley and South Spaulding Avenues, Mid-Wilshire (323-774-1083 or
bootcamph20.com). Classes start at $15.

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