ShopTalk: The Grass Is Always Greener

Time to throw it in the other kind of park.

lemon baseball!Batter Up
Stickball, baseball, or a decidedly lo-fi game of catch; whatever you’re playing, Lemon Ball handmade baseball ($30) makes every pitch look perfect.
bobble filtered water bottle!Fairer Faucet
Fill the Bobble filtering water bottle ($10) with regular tap water, and by the time you leave the house, the carbon-based filter will have it ready for healthy consumption.
a box for birds!House the Chirpers
Throw a tiny house party for your feathered friends upon finishing construction of a Box for the Birds ($36). (Any excuse for a get-together outdoors will do.)
portland picnic plates!Dish It Out
Picnic with reckless abandon knowing these brightly colored melamine Portland picnic plates ($32) are virtually indestructible — and could theoretically double as Frisbees.
artware damien hirst!A Chair Apart
Pricey but so cool: Artware Editions deck chairs with designs by Damien Hirst, Sir Peter Blake, and more ($375-$425; to order, e-mail

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