Takes One to Grow One

home grow micro farms!

In order for you to consider growing even a small portion of your own food, the following conditions must be met:

1. The plot will be pre-planted, self-contained, and organic.
2. The plants will be productive and yield the produce of your choice.
3. Said fruits and veggies need to water themselves.

Well, break out the straw hat and your most farm-appropriate dungarees. Home Grow Micro Farms can hook up any sunny, three-square-foot spot with a mini vegetable garden in practically no time. (Installation of the crucial self-watering system takes about ten minutes.)

To say the creator couple — enviro-guy Lucas Brower and designer Jesse Kamm — makes this easy and affordable is an understatement. Choose from monthly offerings, adding your picks in the comments box. (June’s all about tomatoes, peppers, herbs, melon, corn, and beans.) Within a week, farm techs bring your box(es), often in a vegetable oil-powered vintage Mercedes-Benz.

Go season by season or get a year’s subscription. Either way, when the crops have run their course, have the plants picked up or swapped for the next batch. Which means all you ever have to do is harvest and eat. Make that number four.

Available online at homegrowmicrofarms.com, from $25 a month, four month minimum.

Photo: Courtesy of Home Grow Micro Farms

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