Pop's Secrets

A few Father’s Day finds that will definitely get you out of being grounded.

baxter finley blades!Two Bits
Treat your pappy to a shave and a haircut at the new Baxter Finley Barber & Shop ($75), or wrap up one of the handsome 45th anniversary-edition cut-throat razors ($345).
gold-dipped soldiers!Father Figures
Nab 24-karat gold toy soldiers complete with chiseled brick wall and battle debris by Chandelier Creative for Partners & Spade ($125 each/$500 for a set) — and boom! Shopping done.
mccalls branzino!Large Scale
Catch the one Dad thought got away at McCall’s Meat & Fish Co., along with the easy grilling recipe on the blackboard. T-bones and other specialty cuts are also available for the occasion.
bacon moon pie!
Hog Wild
His heart will skip a beat for a Sucre7 bacon moon pie ($22 for four), a dark choco-covered savory shortbread and maple-bourbon marshmallow sandwich. The nine-inch version ($96) just might stop it altogether.
coleman cooler!Super Chill
The Coleman steel-belted cooler ($150) is a rugged classic just like him — though its 85-can capacity and rubber grips for easy carrying add a dash of modern convenience.

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