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Indie Video Store Vidiots Launches a Film Studies Program

vidiots annex film studies!

Summer school should be an oxymoron. Or at the very least, a Vidiot.

Come July, the venerable indie video store kicks off its film studies program where cinephiles gather inside the bright new annex for two-hour classes taught by industry pros, historians, and critics. Think of it as film school — minus the debt and homework.

Sink into a love seat to delve into the anatomy of cult films or discuss censorship controversies throughout Hollywood history. Anime geeks probe the mythology of superheroes and giant robots. Comedy lovers learn the genre from the silent era through today’s talkies. Instructors provide a recommended viewing list, but don’t sweat it if you can’t watch everything beforehand. Clips are shown in class.

Registration is open now for the full four-, five-, or six-week series ($128-$192) and individual classes ($40). If you really want to feel smart, join the Saturday night film club and catch a flick with like-minded movie enthusiasts, followed by stimulating discussion gratis.

Vidiots Annex, 302 Pico Boulevard, between Third and Fourth Streets, Santa Monica (310-392-8508). To see the full class schedule, go to vidiotsannex.com.
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Photo: Thom Watson / Flickr

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