Instant Gardens Everywhere

greenaid seedbombs!

Fifty cents gets you fifteen minutes of meter parking, soy substitution in a latte, or a greener future courtesy of Greenaid.

Our money’s on the latter. With the clever edict “Change for Change,” Otis alums Daniel Phillips and Kim Karlsrud of Commonstudio in Culver City are hocking seed bombs (a bloomable ball of compost, clay, and a native wildflower mix of white yarrow, California poppy, lupine, and blue flax) so you can beautify the city at will.

A few good targets: abandoned lots, sidewalk cracks, or your own barren backyard. Make sure the seeds get enough water and sun, and witness the concrete jungle begin to sprout within a few days (or weeks, depending on the soil).

They’re available online or via one of seven refurbished quarter-operated gum ball dispensers found on street corners from Pasadena to Santa Monica. And that’s just a start: Greenaid intends to deploy twelve additional machines to new communities if all goes well with the current pledge drive. That’s fifty sense.

Available online at thecommonstudio.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Greenaid

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