Let's Get This Party Started Right

Let’s get this party started quickly.

waialua soda!Fizzy Lifting Drinks
Natural flavors (lilikoi, vanilla cream, root beer) from Waialua Soda Works ($6 for four) capture the spirit of Oahu with indigenous ingredients — and when spiked, they’ll capture your spirit, too.
tubtrugs tubs!Straight Chilling
Nothing Ks the B like plunging into icy waters only to come up empty-handed (and frostbitten). Keep drinks cold and visible in shallow, cheerily hued Tubtrugs ($15).
biodegradable tableware!Clean Plate Club
Jonesing for tree-free, compostable, one-time-use plates, trays, bowls, cups, and tumblers? Then Wasara’s biodegradable tableware ($9-$14) is reason enough to celebrate.
outdoor party banner!
Right Angles
No one will have any trouble finding the action. Outdoor party banners ($10) in neon sherbet colors clearly point it out, as if to say, “The party is over here. And it’s awesome.”
heirloom la lasagna cupcakes!Savoir Fare
Dinner is served in the form of Heirloom L.A. lasagna cupcakes ($42 for six) in savory flavors such as Bolognese with wild boar, sweet corn with mascarpone, and squash with brown butter.

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